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All About The Cloud May 7th, San Francisco

Posted by on Feb 7, 2013 in Past Events | 0 comments

I’ll be delivering my Customer Journey Mapping Workshop on May 7th in the AM.  You can register for the All About the Cloud Conference here, and make sure to use promotion code is AACKJR which is good for $300 discount off current non-member/customer registration price (valid for individual rate only).  If you only want to do the workshop, contact me directly.

Customer Journey Mapping - Understanding How to Deliver and Capture Value and Grow Conversion Rates and Recurring Revenues by Mapping the Customer Journey

Consider this workshop if:

  • Trial Conversion rates are lower than expected or needed
  • Free to paid conversion rates are not performing to plan
  • Churn is higher than your business model predicts or can substain
  • Upsell is not meeting targets
  • You need to kick start this process now

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Define the customer journey for your key service offerings
  • Understand milestones such as onboarding, first value, growth and drop-off
  • Define success and risk indicators for each phase
  • Establish strategies to drive adoption

Leveraging the benchmarks and best practices learned from over 100 SaaS companies ,this workshop is built on an implementation framework that is independent of technology choices.  At the end of you the day you will have an initial version of your customer journey map including:

  • A definition of “first value” for your customers
  • A list of engagement signals to monitor on track and off track customers
  • An initial journey map covering all key steps in your customer lifecycle
  • Ideas for engagement campaigns to help customers progress along their journe

Key benefits of this workshop include:

  • Documenting the Customer Journey
  • Deliver a repeatable methodology to apply with your team
  • Fueling customer success today with learning and process changes
  • Enabling and speeding automation with Customer success tools
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